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How to get Youtube Playlist API Key

Click the following link > https://console.developers.google.com and login with your Google account credentials which was used to upload Youtube videos and to create playlists.

Click "Project" on the top and then click "Create Project".

Enter a name for your Youtube project, something to help remember what it is for. And click "Yes" for compliance agreements and click "Create" button.

Now if Library opens for the project, scroll down and click "Youtube Data API". If library is not open, choose the project you have created, and click "Library" on the left pane.

Click "Enable API" on top right next to "YouTube Data API" as shown in the following image.

On the next page, click "Create Credentials" as highlighted in the following image.


On the next page, you will be asked to choose three things to decide what credentials you may need. For YouTube API key for Slickalpha services, choose "YouTube API", "Web Server" and "Public Data" and click on "What Credentials do I need?" as highlighted in the following image.

Click the key and copy it as shown in the following image. This will be your YouTube API key for your YouTube Account.

To learn about how to obtain YouTube Playlist ID, check the following blog post. 

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