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How to Obtain GCM Sender ID & API Key from Firebase

Open the Firebase page from the following link https://console.firebase.google.com and login with the same Google credentials you used for your developer account.

On the next page, click "Create New Project" to create new project.

Enter an unique project name that will differentiate your project for your new mobile application and choose your country. Then click "Create Project".

After choosing "Create Project", your browser will load your project page. Now click the Settings icon on the top and click "Project Settings" as highlighted in the following image.

Under settings, click "Cloud Messaging" to obtain Google Cloud Messaging sender ID and its API key. 

Extras - To Set up Firebase for your iOS App

Click the "General" tab under settings and scroll down and click "Add Firebase to your iOS app"

Enter the bundle id in the first field and click "Add App" button. For Slickalpha Clients, if you do not have your bundle ID, please contact support before proceeding.

In the next step, you will have the option to download the .plist file. For Slickalpha clients, you can skip this and click the close "x" button on the dialog.

Now click the "Cloud Messaging" tab under settings once again and scroll down to see new options appearing for your iOS app. Keep your .p12 certificate ready and click "Upload Certificate". 
For Slickalpha clients, click the upload certificate for production APNs as highlighted in the image below.

Click browse and locate your .p12 certificate file for the ios app and enter your .p12 password and click upload to complete the process. 
For Slickalpha clients, if you do not have your .p12 key and password, contact support for help.

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