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Top 3 Ways to Get Facebook Page Likes for Free

Facebook today viewed by 1.23 billion daily active users and is the unchallenged king of the social network. Every Facebook business page starts with small and a well-researched plan can really result in increasing your fan base. 

But how do you get them to like it and engage with it?

So why should you increase fan base? 
  • It increases popularity
  • Builds trust on your brand
  • Attracts more referred visitors
By the time your are ready to improve your fan base, make sure you have completed filling all the account details on your FB page such as about us, cover image, profile image, website and so on. If not, do take time, get creative and complete it first. 

"Authenticity builds trust"

1. Share your Page & Tag People
You may already own a successful page or you could be starting your first Facebook page. Start by posting your new page and tagging your friends or those who had liked something you had posted previously. Guess what, you may even get good comments on the post from them, which can go viral on their network.

2. Share the Link. Wherever you can!
You can copy the link of your page from the address bar when you open your Facebook page. Check it once by pasting it on a different browser or on your mobile browser. Now share it wherever you can. Few most important places to start with,
  1. Your social pages (Twitter, Instagram, etc..)
  2. Integrate Facebook button/activity feed on your website and blogs. (Click here to learn how-to integrate)
3. Share & Post your Views on Trending Posts
This could be called a trick but, genuine views (the time where you are you) can bring more likes to your page. Make sure you are sharing the post and posting your views from your page. 

Today, Stephen Hawking was trending on Facebook with multiple news sources posting about the same subject. While so, this person shares his views with a news link from his page. How many likes this could have generate for the page? Try it and see for yourself.

Alternate Solution
If you do not have the time or may require quicker solutions, you may choose "page likes sharing" websites. Our recommendation is Linkcollider. In this site, page owners can like and share each others pages to obtain tokens (their term for points) which can be spent to get likes on their own pages.

So.... Yes! you have to like other pages to earn free points, which you can use to boost your page likes and do much more. They also have an option to buy tokens and fast forward without liking or sharing pages.

When we opened our Linkcollider account, we were able to get around 800+ tokens by liking some Facebook pages. 

Once that was complete we were able to get those token working for our new facebook page. We got around 17+ likes in one day. The proof below..

Sign up with Linkcollider today and write us your experience. For Twitter and other social media, we will update you with the best websites on future blog posts. Like our Facebook page on the right and stay tuned.