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Top 3 Tips to Build Genuine Twitter Fan Base

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Twitter may sound like a different ball game with the 140 character restrictions and so on. But if you stick to these three rules, there is huge potential there. 

Its the best social channel for the "following" audience. But why would anybody follow you? or retweet your tweets? and take a big step to click the links you had posted and make the purchase?

To Build Genuine Twitter Fan Base

1. Maintain the 'Notion of Similarity'

Before you decide to harvest your twitter followers, decide what group of people, your product (could be a product, service, idea, belief or values) should focus upon. Make a primary list, make secondary branches and keep it a tight knit and follow it rigorously. 

Before a twitter user likes a tweet or maybe impulsively retweets your tweet, they must feel a notion of similarity something like,

"Omg, you are so right"

"Your post is very much of the same way I feel"

"Yes! Thats what I want. Thats what I want to hear today"

"Holy molly, there is someone who thinks just like me! Lemme retweet this!" 

Focus on your primary product, get real on the product. Make the emotional connection with your target audience.

2. Capitalize on the #hashtags that match your genre

If you # every #hashtag that appears on the trends section, you may get tweet likes, but that may never convert to page follows or future sales.

If your page genre is "being funny", you can mock every #hashtag with a gif caption. 

But when your product works for niche subjects like Green Energy or StarWars collection, any profile visitor having a thing for the same would expect tweets on the same niche, so that he/she can follow your page to hear more.

Try monitoring and analyzing your tweet insights to see how impressions are responding, and how many profile clicks turned to page follows. Fine tune your tweets, stick to your core!

3. Be there when you are expected

Today #StarWarsDay is trending on twitter. So if you have a StarWars fan page and are selling StarWars comics or merchandise, today's tweet counts for the StarWars fan. 

Check everyday to see what is trending. Set alerts or set some bots to alert you, if you are a programmer when something of your interest is trending. 

Constantly work on your product, while tweeting every day something creative and sticking to your genre tree. Twitteratti will follow!!

Alternate Ways (Free Twitter Follows)

Yes there are some shortcuts and tricks to get some easy followers. Our recommendation for Twitter is AddmeFast. We have tried Facebook and Twitter with AddmeFast. AddmeFast gives good results only for Twitter.

They have their points scheme, where you get free points to do some job and use the points to get some easy followers and retweets.

Note: These alternate ways are not fruitful when you are trying to build a genuine audience. They can help you keep your numbers (followers count) strong for a starter. For true followers, stick to the three rules listed above. 

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